Monday, May 31, 2010

"Oh the places we'll go..."

Since arriving in Hollister we have been keeping busy. We have tried to take pictures of most of our outings. Though we haven't captured our jeep ride or us swimming in the pool in pictures, we did get some pictures of Madison graduating from Kindergarten, Monterey, and Carmel. We also went to the the First Annual Hollister Airshow but you will have to wait until tomorrow to see those pictures since it took forever to get these pictures in here. I know this post is longer than my normal ones but I hope you still enjoy!

The graduate looking cute in her new pink dress

We love the Wharf in Monterey
(we had the best carmel apples there!!)

Ben and Mom being goofy

Us :)

Ok, so we went to dinner on the Wharf and Ben ordered "Calamari and Chips"
The only part that grossed me out was the one in the middle...sick huh!?
Ben acted like he was going to eat it...

He told me he would buy me something if I ate it. I got all the way to putting it in my mouth and chewing slightly, until he said think of all the tentacles and I spit it out.

Dad made some friends

We then drove over to the Carmel beach...which we love

Where we goofed around a bit

I like this picture. Ben turned around after we were walking for a bit and said "look...foot prints in the sand, haha" so we took a picture

We stuck around and watched the sunset, which as you can see was beautiful!

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