Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Color Me Mine

So as promised we posted some pictures of what we made at Color Me Mine. We have had this idea for a long time and finally had time to go make these plates. I don't know if you guys had a birthday plate growing up but we did, and when it was your birthday you got to eat off of it. So...we made one for our family to have. Ben told me it was too girlie but hopefully someday our boys will enjoy it too. So...if any of you are ever luck enought to be around here on your birthday you get to eat off of this lovely plate:) And then of course we had to make a Santa's Plate so each Christmas we can put cookies on it for Santa. We thought that it would be fun to make these plates instead of just buy them so that they would be unique and special to our family. I made the birthday one and Ben made the Santa's Plate. I love them both!

birthday plate
Santa's Plate

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