Friday, June 4, 2010

First (Hopefully Annual) Hollister Air Show

Hollister had it's first and hopefully annual air show memorial weekend. My mom and dad volunteered as radio communicators with their ham radios so Ben and I figured we would go and spend the afternoon walking around and checking everything out. It was pretty cool! So I thought I would share with you some of the fun things we saw.

It was a beautiful day for an air show. It cleared up and if I remember right was around 80 degrees. Not too bad since it had been raining the day before. I learned two important lessons that day...wear sunscreen even if you don't think it is that hot or that you won't be out there that long and if you decide to use some of your brother's sunscreen at least put it on evenly! I successfully made away with some weird and random sunburns. Hopefully they will not tan and leave funny marks on my legs, toes, and chest all summer.

The show started out with the flag being presented by a skydiver. The mayor also sky dived that morning. They said he chickened out at the altitude that this guy jumped at, so they took him higher:)

There were all kinds of interesting planes and performances

This one was probably one of our favorites. This plane was actually flown by a lady, named Vicki. In this picture she was flying straight up right before she started to fall and come straight back down. They compared her plane to the corvette of planes.

They also had some WWII planes fly around for us. These planes are actually parked at the Hollister Airport.

This guy was crazy. During his take off he did a turn within the few seconds of being in the air, it was crazy! This picture was actually of his flying by (upside down) to cut some ribbon from poles that a group of people were holding on the runway.

So during our wanderings around the tarmac during the air show we saw that you could ride in a biplane and we figured that this was a rare opportunity so we seized the moment. This was the biplane that we rode in! It was so much fun! The interesting part about this plane is that it seated four people and then the pilot. Normally biplanes just fit the pilot and one other person

My Mom, Dad, Ben and I as we taxied out to the runway

Us in the plane

Mom was so excited. She has always wanted to ride in a biplane but never had the chance until now

Dad's face is priceless in this picture!

A view of Hollister from the its not like the clothing it is not by the beach...

We made it safely back to the ground :)
Jared and Tierney also took a ride

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