Wednesday, April 25, 2012

From our phone

I'm going to warn you, there are a lot of pictures. Yesterday Ben and I finally uploaded all of the pictures/videos from our phones. I was shocked to see that I had taken over 500 pictures and 30 videos. But what else do I have to do but take tons of pictures of my beautiful baby girl. So I thought I would make a massive blog post with pictures since Evelyn was born and you can kind of see how she has changed over the last 8 months.
Minutes after she was born

Those first few months when she would lay still or sleep in your arms or on you lap
We failed as parents in getting a picture of Evelyn in her Halloween costume with our actual camera. So here we are at the ward trunk or treat

Her first trip to the Zoo 

The one and only time she fell asleep on her own on the floor. I was making her do tummy time (at the time this was her least favorite part of the day).

Leaving extremely early in the morning for her first flight to California

First time eating rice cereal. Our regular camera was having issues so this is what you get :)

Dancing with Daddy 

First time sitting in the basket

This was after her 6 month shots. She had a cold and was so exhausted.

I realized then that I had to watch Evelyn closely while we shopped. She likes to grab anything within reach.

Swimming failure
My grandma made me this shirt when I was a baby. I think Evelyn pulls it off well!
Her reaction to Mike is about the same as her reaction to swimming.

Opening her package from Nana
Evelyn sits in the high chairs at restaurants now 

She is starting to pull herself up on this and this is how she was checking out her toys the other day.
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Monday, April 23, 2012

The last month

 This has become Evelyn's favorite thing to do when Daddy holds her in the recliner. She is already such a little climber...I am worried!
 The other day when I went to get Evelyn up from her nap this is what I found. Recently I set Evelyn in her crib on her bottom to pull a load of laundry out of the dryer and within those few seconds she had stood up. I walked past her door and it totally startled me. Luckily she didn't lean over or anything and fall. We have sense taken the bumper pad out and lowered the crib. It was kind of a sad day since her crib just doesn't look the same without her bumper pad. 
I love watching these two girlies play. During their last play date they successfully rolled on each other, crawled over each other, stole/shared toys and snacks, touched each others head/face and chatted. All in all I would say a successful play date. 

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Atchafalaya Basin and Lake Fausse Pointe State Park

Last Friday we decided to take a drive out to the Atchafalaya Basin and Lake Fausse Pointe State Park. It was about an hour drive but it was a beautiful and enjoyable drive. We decided that we need to explore this great state of Louisiana while we had the chance.

Ok, I know this picture is not the best quality. It was taken through the windshield and I know the trucker next to us probably thought I was some crazy tourist, oh well. I wanted to show all of our friends and family who have never been out here how some of the roads and highways are build up on pillars over the swamps.
Taking in the views
This was the best part of the trails through the park. Most of the trails were muddy from the rain earlier in the week so we didn't make it too far on any of them.

Below are some pictures of some of the wildlife we encountered. Sorry no alligators!

I learned something the other day from a friend. Apparently caterpillars can bite and are sometimes poisonous. Who knew! Needless to say we didn't touch this little guy!

I saved Ben's life from this nasty snake! He almost stepped on it as it slithered by because it blended in so well. According to the display at the beginning of the trail this is a salt marsh snake. I had been keeping my eyes out for any snakes because a few little boys had warned me earlier.

Evelyn frequently sits like this in her stroller. Silly girl!
Ben said this is a good advertisement for the jogging stroller.

Fan boat...pretty cool!

These last three are random things we saw on our drive

I'm pretty sure this is a house made out of truck trailers

And finally Amy Jean this one was for you!