Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Does Anyone Know The Answer!?!?!

So in case any of you don't know what these are...they are creme brulee torches. They are used in the last step of the process to make the top all crunchy. Well...here is where our question comes in. Twice on separate weekends Ben has made creme brulee to take to my brother and sister-in-laws apartment for dessert. Our torch will light and work just fine in our apartment and even on the car ride over (Ben likes to play with it :) ) Well...dessert time rolls around at Jeff and Laura's apartment and the torch will not stay on. The first weekend we thought maybe it was our torch and we needed a new one. Yet when we got home it worked. Weird huh? So we decided to make creme brulee the day before Mother's Day. Before starting the process we thought it would be best to check the torch to make sure it worked... it did. So we drive over to Jeff and Laura's and what do you know? It doesn't stay on. So...we make a qucik drive to Bed Bath and Beyond. We buy a new torch (hence the second one in the picture with the label still on) and go to our apt and check to make sure it works. It does. We drive to Jeff and Laura's and guess what? It struggles to stay on. We finally finally got it to stay on and the creme brulee turned out great. So our question is...why does it work at our apartment and not at Jeff and Laura's?!? This has happened twice so we are bound and determined to figure out why. If anyone has any ideas let us know!

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