Monday, May 10, 2010

Gold's Gym

So when most people hear I just graduated in exercise science they probably assume that I exercise..regularly. Well, hate to break it to you but I haven't been the best. Being married can also help many young men and women plump up a as we just passed our 9 month anniversary...we got a Gold's Gym membership. I know some people prefer 24 over Gold's but this is close and the facility is great. We got a good deal and thought it would be the best for us.

We are setting goals, making a schedule, and we are going to stick to it! So beware world, a soon to be fit Ben and Megan Sparks are going to emerge. We are going to lose the extra weight we have gained, tone the muscles we haven't used in a while, and help our bodies live longer.

So wish us luck! And if you ever feel the urge to check up on us to make sure we are going feel free! We need all the motivation we can get!