Saturday, January 21, 2012

Christmas in California

I realized as I was looking through pictures for this post that we took a lot of pictures over the last month and a half. So...I decided to break it all down into a few different posts over the next few days. So these pictures are from our trip to California. Next to come are her 4 month pictures, Christmas in Boise, Family visiting Louisiana and Evelyn's blessing day.

Evelyn's first flight. She rocked it!! The best part is for the first flight there was one, maybe two extra seats and we happened to have one on our row. No one wanted to sit next to the "crying baby" but we fooled them! She didn't cry the whole flight!

Grandma reading to Evelyn. Evelyn loves books!

While in California we went on a cruise around the bay with my parents

I think Evelyn got a little sea sick. She was fussing a bit and then spit up all over my jacket and her clothes and then fell asleep.

The tour had a lovely audio tour, which meant all of us were decked out in these awesome headphones

Mom and Dad

It was a beautiful day on the bay. This tour took us out past the Golden Gate Bridge and then back past Alcatraz.

Grandpa enjoyed holding his two newest grandbabies, Evan and Evelyn!

The whole Kirk Clan minus Joél and Stephen

Our little family

Jack loved wearing this Santa hat every time he came over :)

Dear Little Laura

My parents are hardcore! Haha


Ben having fun

Evan had a lot of fun opening gifts

Evelyn opening her first Christmas gift (Well technically Nana sent some in the mail before Christmas but this was the first one she opened)

Evelyn in her Christmas jammies opening her first Christmas sock. The sock was the same size as her haha

Evelyn on Christmas morning in her Christmas dress. This was seconds before she decided to spit up all over herself. Luckily with the dress she had you couldn't really tell unless you were close enough to smell the spit up on her. Oh well, not everything can be perfect right?

Getting ready to open gifts. Evelyn was tired and slept through most of it. She did manage to wake up and open some of her gifts before we were all done.

Grandma and Evelyn opening a Christmas present

While we were in California we started Evelyn on rice cereal and then baby food. I know some people were probably surprised because she wasn't quite 4 months old (which is when most people start) but the doctor said we could because she spit up so much. She loved it! We don't have a picture on here of the rice cereal because our camera's battery was having some issues but here is Evelyn trying sweet potatoes for the first time.

So one night Evelyn was playing before bed and she got her toy stuck on her face. It was so funny! She kept turning her head back and forth trying to figure out what happened. Finally after a picture we helped her out:) She did this again the other day and had the same reaction. Makes me laugh every time.

Evan and Evelyn had fun meeting for the first time. We took some other cuter pictures but I just loved this one of both of them sucking on their fingers. Evelyn became fascinated with her fingers. She doesn't have a favorite. She loves her fist, her index finger, her thumb, all four of her fingers, her right hand, her left name it!

I just love my baby girl! She is such a happy baby. Her first Christmas was a lot of fun. She grew and developed so much in the last few months. I learned a few things over the break...

1. She sleeps much better in her own bed at home than somewhere else
2. She gets overwhelmed when there are lots of people in one room
3. She will smile at everyone and anyone
4. She likes to feel her Christmas presents before Christmas (no wonder she liked her Aunt Laura :) )


  1. I can tell she has your happy complacent personality! What a cutie!!!

  2. I love all your pictures! The family picture of you guys in white is adorable! So glad you guys had fun CA.