Sunday, January 22, 2012

California Christmas Part 2

My parents bought crabbing nets this last year and have told us all about going crabbing in Santa Cruz over the past few months. So one evening after Christmas we decided to head over and go crabbing since Ben and I thought it would be a ton of fun. It was so fogging when we were unloading the car that you couldn't even see the Boardwalk from the pier. Luckily before too long the fog cleared up a little. Jared, Tierney and Evan joined us too, but we didn't get a picture of them.

Me and my baby girl

Ben was so excited about his first crab of the night. Look closely because there is one in there!

Mom and Dad brought their new deep sea fishing poles to try out. Sadly nothing was biting that night.

Here are some of the crabs we caught. Only the large one was big enough to keep, the rest we threw back half way through the evening. We ended up catching 18 small crabs, 1 large crab and a whole bunch of snails.

So funny story. There was this group of kids who came by to see if we caught anything. The little boy in the picture was named Jack (of course right?). It happened to be his 10th birthday so we let them help us pull up the crab nets for a while. We caught this massive star fish while they were hanging out with us. Jack's mom snapped this picture of the group of kids and the star fish. I was so excited that I went to go grab our camera at the same time. While Ben was explaining how to throw the crab net back in (just like a frisbee) another little boy thought Ben was talking about the throwing the star fish back and launched it back into the ocean...before the rest of us could hold it or take a picture. We were all so bumbed but tried not to show it so the kid wouldn't feel bad. The mom felt so bad that she emailed us this picture so we could have proof of the star fish we caught.

Dad and Ben went to Hollister Hills the morning before we went to Santa Cruz. Ben had so much fun driving the jeep around through the obstacle course. He even managed to get the tire of the ground.

Evelyn turned 4 months while we were in California. We took her in to her 4 month appointment once we got home. So at 4 1/2 months she weighed in at 13 pounds 5 ounce (25-50%) was 25.5 inches (75%) and her head was in the 50% (I can't remember the measurement). The pediatrician said Evelyn finally slowed down on growing in length. She has been so much fun. She loves standing up with our help, eating baby food, sucking on her fingers and is as curious as ever. Since she has been on all gentlease formula and baby food/cereal she has slowed down in the spitting up department. Let's just say that mom is really happy and frequently makes it through the day without having to change her shirt.

Below are some pictures that Denise Shattuck took while we were visiting. I was surprised that she was about to get any cute pictures. Evelyn was tired and gave Denise a hard time.

Even though she is sucking on her fingers I love this picture because it totally captured Evelyn at this age. She is constantly sucking on her fingers. Today at church her dress was soaking wet on top and it wasn't from spit up this time...all drool!

I lOVE this last picture! So cute!

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