Thursday, January 26, 2012

Boise Christmas

After the New Years we made our way up to Boise to see the Sparks side of the family. I have to give credit for all these pictures to Ben's mom. When we first arrived we took all of our stuff upstairs and for some reason it seemed like so much work to walk upstairs and get the camera. We were lazy, I know. Luckily Nana took a whole bunch of pictures while we were there.

Papa and Evelyn playing with one of her Christmas gifts

Breakfast time! Evelyn has since improved in her eating skills. I still love this messy face :)

Evelyn seems to always enjoy her baths. She was loving playing with the water!

Kaylynn always wanted to hold Evelyn, it was really cute! She did such a good job holding on nice and tight so Evelyn would fall.

Kaylynn loved playing with Evelyn

While we were in Boise Nana put together a fun family party so everyone on the Sparks side could come and meet Evelyn. This is Evelyn with her cousin Ainsley...second cousin?...(Ben's cousin's little girl) who was born a few weeks before Evelyn.

Grandma with her two newest great grandbabies!

All ready for church...well except for her headband and flower :)

We also had family pictures while in Boise since there had been a new addition to the Sparks family within this last year.

The three of us

Ben and I

The girls
My sweet baby girl

I love this picture except for the advertisement right in the middle

My happy baby

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