Monday, August 23, 2010

Top 6 Reasons Not to Live in Utah

1. Utah Drivers
-If I had a dollar for every stupid one I came across today we would be rich

2. Construction

- It's EVERYWHERE! When there is not snow there is construction.

3. Utah Drivers

-Today I saw someone turn their left blinker on and turned into the right lane...I guess I should be content that they at least tried to use their blinker

4. Snow

-Who likes walking in it or who likes driving in it? Sure it may be pretty and you might be excited the first day or two but then it never goes away!

5. Utah Drivers

-My favorite ones are the idiots who after I have blinked and moved halfway into the lane on the highway decide they also want to be in that lane with no warning.

6. Lack of Good Mexican Food

-I have yet to find decent Mexican food, if you know of any please fill me!

I guess in the end Utah does have a few good qualities...such as the mountains, the Olympics, and BYU.

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