Sunday, August 8, 2010

1 Whole Year

Yesterday Ben and I celebrated our 1 year anniversary. I still can't believe that a year has gone by already. It has really been a wonderful year. I love him so much and am so grateful to be married to such a great man.

For our anniversary we decided to go out to Chefs Table. For those of you not in the Provo/Orem area, Chefs Table is a this nice fine dining restaurant in Orem. It was such fun place to go. They pull out your chair for you, lay your napkin in your lap, bring out new silverware as needed, the whole deal. The food was AMAZING!! So good. For starters they bring out this sorbet to cleanse your palette. We then ordered New England Crabcakes. Then we both had a caesar salad. For dinner I ordered the Tenderloin Marsala (Roasted Tenderloin of Beef Finished in a Marsala & Veal Sauce Herb Roasted Baby Red Potatoes & Seasonal Vegetables) and Ben ordered House Beef Tenderloin Filet (Peppered Tenderloin Filet Served with Mango Chutney or Veal Reduction Sauce). Sounds Amazing right?! Well it was. The food was amazing. We finished off the meal with this chocolate mousse dessert.

My favorite part about the meal was that we were not rushed to eat and move on. It seems like today most restaurants just want to get people in and out as quickly as you can. But Chefs Table lets you take your time to eat. One course is never served until you are both done with what you are working on. It was nice and relaxing and really enjoyable.

I didn't get a picture from the outside so I snagged this one off their website.


  1. Congrats Megan! Sounds delish!

  2. HEY!! I had no idea you guys had a blog! Am I just out of it?? Congrats on 1 year! Time sure does fly when your having fu :)