Saturday, July 6, 2013

Vacation Part 2: Boise

The second part of our trip in May/June was spent in Boise. We got there just in time to have a fun Memorial Day BBQ with the whole family. We don't have too many pictures after that because we managed to get a horrible stomach bug that hit everyone but Harrison. Nine people with the stomach bug in one house over only 3 or 4 days was not a pretty sight. We had a great time regardless!! 
 Great Grandma Sparks
  Evelyn and Lola were taking turns brushing Aunt Lisa's hair

 Evelyn LOVED the swing. She could have stayed there all day. I think the record time she spent swinging was 45 mins. 

 Great Grandpa 

 Harrison fell asleep on me like this while I was standing in the kitchen, which rarely happens. I was soaking it up. 
Evelyn's first pigtails!

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