Sunday, May 12, 2013

Family Road Trip

In April Ben presented at a conference in Lexington, Kentucky. He was kind enough to bring us all along, which meant driving instead of flying. It was our first road trip with kids. We might have been crazy driving so far with a toddler and a 2 month old but we survived. We broke the drive there into two days but stopping in Memphis the first night. The drive home was a long day (15 hours) since we drove it all in one day. I had a great time. I saw parts of the country I had never been to before. Ben did well in his presentation and overall it was a successful trip!

 Below is Evelyn crashed out in her own bed. It was her first stay in a hotel.
 We stopped for a bit in Nashville to stretch our legs and let Evelyn get some wiggles out. 

 It was windy so what hair Evelyn does have was sticking up
 Breakfast of champions...Banana, dried cereal and milk.
 Sweet Boy
 We stopped by the race tracks. What a neat experience! We had to head back to the hotel before the first race but it was fun to see the crowd and a few of the horses warming up. 

 The rest of the pictures were taken with my phone and normally while we were driving, which is why they are not the best quality. I just wanted to show how beautiful our drive was! I am used to driving across Nevada, Northern Utah and Idaho which are browner and not quiet as pretty.  

 We figured it was only fair if Evelyn took her turn at driving. Luckily she couldn't reach the pedals.

 Beautiful Kentucky
Naps during the trip were a little rough. I think the hotel had too many new things for Evelyn to explore and it   was hard for her to relax enough to fall asleep. She crashed around 4:30 each day on her bed. 

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