Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Atchafalaya Basin and Lake Fausse Pointe State Park

Last Friday we decided to take a drive out to the Atchafalaya Basin and Lake Fausse Pointe State Park. It was about an hour drive but it was a beautiful and enjoyable drive. We decided that we need to explore this great state of Louisiana while we had the chance.

Ok, I know this picture is not the best quality. It was taken through the windshield and I know the trucker next to us probably thought I was some crazy tourist, oh well. I wanted to show all of our friends and family who have never been out here how some of the roads and highways are build up on pillars over the swamps.
Taking in the views
This was the best part of the trails through the park. Most of the trails were muddy from the rain earlier in the week so we didn't make it too far on any of them.

Below are some pictures of some of the wildlife we encountered. Sorry no alligators!

I learned something the other day from a friend. Apparently caterpillars can bite and are sometimes poisonous. Who knew! Needless to say we didn't touch this little guy!

I saved Ben's life from this nasty snake! He almost stepped on it as it slithered by because it blended in so well. According to the display at the beginning of the trail this is a salt marsh snake. I had been keeping my eyes out for any snakes because a few little boys had warned me earlier.

Evelyn frequently sits like this in her stroller. Silly girl!
Ben said this is a good advertisement for the jogging stroller.

Fan boat...pretty cool!

These last three are random things we saw on our drive

I'm pretty sure this is a house made out of truck trailers

And finally Amy Jean this one was for you!


  1. Say hi to the swamp people for me! That show freaks me out... mostly due to lack of education.

  2. Love the pictures, the last one was a treat to see!