Friday, July 8, 2011

Welcome to Louisiana!

This is what we came home to find in our hallway on the 4th of July. Pretty nasty huh! In it's attempt to run away it got stuck between the floor and a baseboard (in this little gap). Ben squished what he could and while trying to clean it up the front half tried to ran away. Don't worry...Ben squished that half too! Our apartment manager had told me to report any bugs, even if it was just a spider since our complex has a contract with pest control. So you better believe I reported that nasty little creature. The funny part when I told the manager and the pest control guy that it was about 2 inches long they both said "Oh that's nothing...that's small. That's just a tree cockroach" SMALL?!! That thing was huge!!! And I don't care what kind of cockroach it was still a cockroach! When I told the pest control guy that I thought it was big he replied "You must not be from Southern Louisiana" and laughed. I guess this is just part of living in the South.