Friday, July 15, 2011

It's Official!

Yup. It's official. We both have Louisiana driver's licenses and a Louisiana license plate. I have to admit that the DMV here in Baton Rouge was the quickest one I have ever been to. We went in expecting to wait forever but as soon as we were given a number they called it. Both of us were a little shocked but we went to the counter anyway. Well, we failed in bringing everything we needed. Apparently you need your current driver's license, your SS card and your birth certificate or passport. Also we were informed that it was cash only for your license, which we never carry. We didn't have enough to even get one driver's license. So we loaded back up into the Jimmy and hurried home to try to get the papers we needed and get back to the DMV before they closed. We made it home with plenty of time but decided to take a different route back to the DMV (thinking it was quicker). Ha, WRONG! But don't worry, we made it back to the DMV with 5 mins before they closed.
Little did I know that when getting your new driver's license in Louisiana they take your old one. I was sitting there patiently through the process when all of the sudden the nice DMV guy handed me back my SS card and birth certificate and threw my California driver's license in his drawer saying he will shred it at the end of the day. Ben laughed at me because at this moment my heart stopped and I sucked in air as I stared at him in shock. What?! They were taking that from me?! It was the best ID picture I have ever had! When I changed my name on my old one all they did was punch a hole in it and you could keep it. No one prepared me for having to give up my California driver's license completely! It was a sad day indeed for all who know me. I managed to live in Idaho for 2 years and Utah for another 4 without getting a Utah driver's license. I guess this is just a part of life.

We also decided to join the crowd here in Baton Rouge and put an LSU sticker on our car. It seems like every car we drive by has at least one LSU sticker, if not two. Ben told me he was slightly shocked that I would put a sticker on my car. This surprised me since I had put a BYU-Idaho sticker and a Hawaii sticker on my truck in high school. But I guess he didn't know me them. Apparently I don't seem like the sticker type.

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