Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Evelyn's 3rd Birthday

I can't believe my baby girl is already 3 years old! She is growing up so fast. She is talking up a storm and I love hearing the things she comes up with to say. She used to say "Mom I have a question for you" and has recently moved to "Mom I have two questions for you". I can just imagine what it will be like in a few years. Since there are so many birthdays for us in August Evelyn was definitely in the birthday spirit by the time we reached her birthday (by the way this post is like a month late. Oops). All she wanted was a pink birthday with pink balloons, pink cupcakes and pink napkins. Easy enough right? 

When she woke up she was so cute and excited for her birthday. She called for me to get her up. She was so good to wait in her room until we had our camera ready to snap some pictures of her seeing her presents for the first time. Sorry they are a little blurry. She was moving quickly :)

Don't you love the crazy morning hair? 

She sure was spoiled by Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles and Mommy and Daddy. Notice all the pink paper? I tried my best to come through with the pink birthday request!

She loved her pink balloons and decorations. She didn't want me to take them down all weekend. 

 She was so cute opening all of her presents and checking everything out. I'm loving watching her grow and get excited over holidays.

I made homemade donuts for breakfast. I think Ben and I appreciated them more then the kiddos. Oh well!

The kids have had a blast with the water table! They ask to play in it everyday! 

We had a fun little lunch get together at our house with a few friends. I forgot to get pictures. But we had flat bread pizzas and the kids played. 

Evelyn had a Daddy Daughter dinner date right before her little party. 

We didn't have a huge party this year. We just had a few friends over with the plan to swim. Thanks to Louisiana weather it rained so we just played inside and had cupcakes. Pink cupcakes with pink frosting, pink tablecloth, pink napkins, pink plates and pink lemonade. Plenty of pink right?

It was a fun day full of celebration. I love my sweet little Evelyn!

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