Thursday, April 17, 2014

Strawberry Patch

Beware. Picture overload. Grandparents love it. Don't Judge too much.

We have loved having Daddy home for Spring Break! Wednesday we went to the Strawberry Patch as a family and had a great time. From the pictures you couldn't tell that there were hundreds of kids there for a field trip. 

Even Harrison picked a few

Evelyn told me she "needed to eat this one"

Which led to "I need to eat this one too!"

"And this one!"

What do you mean I can't just eat all of them right now? 

This is the please Evelyn just stand here and take a picture with me pose

We met up with the some friends! Ian was trying to tell Harrison how good the grass tasted. Apparently Harrison's tastes buds are too refined for grass. I might be ok with that.

Daddy and Evelyn waiting for the zipline

She might look petrified and probably was but at the end she said it was so much fun!

Notice the hundreds of kids in the background??

 Look how much 2 years makes a difference! Apparently I made an old lady and kid move from the bench for no reason. I didn't remember the old bench too well. At least they are sitting in the same spot at the strawberry patch. 

Evelyn loved the strawberry they painted on her face. She wore it the whole day, through her nap and even to Target. She cried a little when I told her I had to wipe it off. 

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  1. Wow, why so many pictures? jk. I loved them too, and I'm not even a grandparent! Miss you all!!!!!!