Saturday, June 22, 2013

Vacation Part 1

Ben had some time off between the semester ending and the summer term starting. We decided to take that time and go see family while Evelyn still flew free. Flying with two lap children was kind of crazy but totally worth it. We spent half of our time in California and the other half in Idaho. It was fun to see family and show off little Harrison to everyone who hasn't seen him yet. 

We spent some time.. 


 Hanging with cousin Abby

Bonding with Charlie the cat 
 Jeeping at Hollister Hills

 Playing with cousin Evan
and attending the 4th Annual Hollister Airshow

 Grandpa worked Communications with his HAM radio

 Jeff and Laura flew out so we could all be together
 Jared rocking the BYU attire. GO COUGARS!
 Evelyn fell asleep mid Oreo. Impressive.

Throughout the whole airshow they kept announcing this truck that needed to be moved due to safety. Eventually they said that the tow truck wasn't able to make it and moved it with the helicopter and "accidentally" dropped it. It was pretty funny once you realized they were joking around.


  1. Sounds like a fun week! Especially the air show! Traveling with two kids is no picnic on planes. My sister and I experienced that one as well :) We each had a kid, a car seat, a carry on item, and a backpack/bag. Plus Evelyn had her own backpack to tote was a nightmare! Haha! Anyway, I hope your travels were better :)

  2. It was slightly crazy haha. Especially when the flight was completely full since we had to sit on different rows because there are only 4 oxygen masks per row. I'm sure people thought we were crazy as we walked into the airport with our double stroller and all of our stuff.