Saturday, February 23, 2013

Baby Brother Harrison

Harrison Jack Sparks arrived February 13th at 12:08 pm weighing in at 8 lbs 15 oz and 22 inches long.  For all of those who want the birth story, here it is. We arrived at the hospital at 1 am for our scheduled induction. I was due the 14th but was so glad my doctor was willing to induce me on the 13th. I'm sure Harrison will thank me when he is older that he doesn't have a Valentines Day birthday. So we arrived at 1 am and was started on pitocin at 2:30. My doctor broke my water at 7:30 am to help move things along. I was at 2 cm when I arrived and had only dilated to 3 cm before she broke my water. I didn't remember my contractions intensifying so much after my water was broken with Evelyn but with Harrison I noticed a difference within a half hour. I got an epidural at 8:45 and it took until 10 am for it to finally kick in (an it was glorious once it did!!). At this point (10:15 am) I was dilated to 6 cm and I figured it would be a while before Harrison arrived. Wrong! By 10:45 I was fully dilated. I started pushing around 11 am. Total I probably only pushed for about 45 mins. Overall this delivery went so much more smoothly and calmly than Evelyn's. We were talking and joking around while I pushed. The nurses and my doctor were fantastic, which always help in making a calm and enjoyable atmosphere. I have been healing and recovering faster than last time as well. It really does get easier with each baby! 

Above is a picture of us just before we left for the hospital to have Harrison and below is a picture of us 18 months ago leaving for the hospital to have Evelyn. We thought it would be funny to wear the same clothes :)

All hooked up and ready to have a baby
Our nurses were Lindsay and Cherie. Cherie actually helped deliver Evelyn and just happened to be our nurse again this time. How fun is that!

I was able to hold Harrison up on my chest for a while right after he was born. Since he was doing so well the nurse in charge of him just cleaned him up a bit and checked him out all while he was with me. She wrapped him in the blanket and gave him his hat and left him laying with me for a while. It was such a cool experience. I was throwing up after having Evelyn that I barely held her after she was born. 

Eventually I had to give him up for them to get his measurements and finish checking him out. He was bigger than I thought! 8 lbs 15 oz and 22 inches! Big boy!

 Dr Martin and Harrison. She is a fantastic doctor!!
Getting all cleaned up
Harrison surprised us with having some hair. It looks a little lighter here than it does normally.

Daddy getting to hold Harrison for the first time. He is a proud daddy!

Mommy getting to hold Harrison after he was cleaned up
Happy parents!

Evelyn has been so cute with her baby brother. When she met him for the first time she put her arm around him and didn't want to let go. 

 We are a family of 4! Crazy!!
 Grandma getting to hold and see Harrison for the first time

 Heading home! It is always a nice feeling going home!

We have loved having Harrison here and so happy that everything went well with his delivery. He is such a good baby and joy to have in our family! 


  1. Great pictures! I love all of the details that you captured in the hospital. I need to come see you now that you are home!

  2. aw he is so cute! I am so glad your delivery was so smooth, those are the best. That is nice he is such a good baby too, you just got really lucky :)

    So glad to have your blog too! I love blogging and it was so fun to catch up on your family! Both your kids are so so so adorable! Evelyn looks like such a proud big sister.