Saturday, July 14, 2012

Kliebert's Alligator Farm

After this post I am finally all caught up with the pictures from when Nana and Papa came to visit. We moved to a new apartment two weeks after they left, so I claim that is the reason I am behind. We visited the Kliebert's Alligator Farm. I was really interesting to see all of the alligators at different ages and learn all about them. 

The guide was pointing out different features of the alligator. Really interesting.

 I pretty much have the coolest baby ever! She actually started rocking on the alligator just like she does on her rocking horse. 

  Do you see the size of that head?! This alligator is know as Crush (if I remember right). He was huge!!! I couldn't believe how close they would get to him.
Crush's lady friend 
 Besides kneeling on the alligator earlier this was probably my favorite part
The gator in the video below is one of their meanest gators.

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  1. That is crazy Megan! Wow! I can't wait to show my kids that video. You guys are brave :)