Monday, November 7, 2011

Months 1-2

So I have been trying to keep my camera in close reach so that I can take plenty of pictures of Evelyn, but I think I might have taken more with my phone and uploaded them to Facebook. Sorry for all of those who don't have Facebook and haven't seen as many pictures. Here are some that I have taken during the first 2 months.

This had to be the first week she was home because that is a newborn onsie and she only fit in those for like a week haha

This is fun to see because she definitely fills this onsie out now

Grandma enjoying time with Evelyn

This was funny because Ben was just holding Evelyn and all of the sudden Evelyn swung her leg up there and decided that is how she wanted to lay.

Just so cute!

Ben goofing around while holding Evelyn

Ok, so I don't normally let Evelyn suck on my hand but I was holding her and she decided she wanted to eat my hand. So funny, just had to take a picture of this!

Sleeping like daddy does :)

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