Friday, April 15, 2011

It's a girl!!!

This morning was our ultrasound appointment and we were able to see our baby girl for the first time! We are both really excited and anxious to meet her in August!

I'm sure she is going to love this picture when she is older...her girlie parts for everyone to see!

Her mouth was wide open when we took this picture. Maybe this is a sign she's going to be a talker!

Her Legs!

Her arms! The left hand was curled up and the right hand was in a fist...both up by her head.

And finally her foot!


  1. I can already tell that she is beautiful! Congrats to you two!

  2. So cute! (Sorry I am a late commentator)! she let you get lots of good pictures. Stinkin Addy, ever the busy body, would not hold still! I am so excited for you guys!