Monday, February 3, 2014

New Orleans Zoo

One benefit to Ben only having class and teaching Monday through Thursday is that we can do things as a family on Fridays. Just after the semester started we packed up a lunch, loaded up the car and took the kids down to the New Orleans Zoo. It was an enjoyable day since most of the kids in the area were already back in school. Evelyn was so excited during the whole drive down. I had hoped that she would fall asleep on the drive. She did, just 5 mins before we arrived. She still managed to have enough energy to walk a majority of the way. I'm excited now that Evelyn is a little older for all of the adventures and outings we can have!

I know this next picture is blurry but I had to add it. I hate hate hate snakes. They creep me out. So ya'll should be proud of me for touching it. 

Apparently the train was too loud for Evelyn


 Talk about being a slacker! I am just getting around to posting about Christmas and it is already February! 

We had a fun and relaxing Christmas in Baton Rouge. Even though it was low key, I think Christmas with kids is always fun. I love seeing their excitement and joy over every little aspect of Christmas. 

Evelyn and I made cookies for Santa on Christmas Eve. She was so excited and kept repeating "Making cookies for Santa!" Later in the week she would put her toy food by the fireplace for Santa. 

Harrison decided to help himself to part of a cookie that Santa had left. 

I had to add a picture of our table. Ben made this beautiful table and bench for me for Christmas. What a sweet man!

Watching the kids open their sock was one of my favorite parts of the morning. 

We sure were spoiled by our wonderful family!

It's not Christmas without a few funny gifts

 Harrison would climb on and lay across all of his gifts. He eventually figured out how to open his gifts.

Ben and I thought that these Warhead Sour Chews would be too sour for Evelyn. Nope. She LOVED them. Must be my child :)