Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Park Hopping

The other day we took Evelyn to two parks in one day. We snapped a few cute pictures for you all to enjoy! She is such a character!


 We stayed in Baton Rouge for Thanksgiving this year. We went back and forth on the idea of going out to eat or cooking a turkey dinner and I finally decided that we would cook so we could have leftovers. Dinner was slightly anticlimactic since there was only 3 of us and Evelyn could really care less about what we were eating. Still it is fun to know that I can successfully pull off a turkey dinner. 

 The turkey before we cooked it
 Ben carving the turkey
 The spread
 We woke Evelyn up to eat and she wasn't too sure about it

 Ben's Pumpkin Pie
My Chocolate Truffle Pie

On a side note I managed to eat most of the pie and still pass my glucose test the following Monday. 
Amazing right?!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Sleep FAIL

I went in to check on Evelyn before I went to bed and this is what I found...

I heard her whine a few hours earlier, but it didn't last long and that must have been when she fell off her bed. 

This is why I love being a parent.